NYC Pride Flag Arsonist Goes On Wild Rant In Court

NYC Pride Flag Arsonist Goes On Wild Rant In Court

Angelina Cando, 35, the accused NYC Pride flag arsonist, put on quite a show in court during her arraignment on Wednesday.

Cando reportedly went on a wild rant about her parents in Manhattan Criminal Court. That was followed by denying the charges against her by screaming “All fake!”

As one person on Twitter noted, Cando’s performance made her seem mentally incompetent to be responsible for her actions, and yet she had the wherewithal to dye her hair blond after being captured on surveillance cameras as a red head. #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmm

From the New York Post:

Cando had appeared before a judge in the morning but was sent to the back of the courtroom to calm down after going on a rant about her mom and stepdad.

She was later arraigned before Judge John Zhuo Wang, though she continued to ramble nonsensically during the hearing.

Cando was arrested Monday on multiple counts of graffiti and hate crime charges for the two separate crimes, the latest in a streak for the Manhattanite.

According to Smith, Cando was charged in January “with obstructing the breathing of another person. Throwing multiple objects at him, throwing cuts and laceration.”

“False accusation. False accusation. They’re all fake,” Cando shouted in response.

According to police reports, just hours before she allegedly set fire to the Pride flag, she had graffitied phrases like “Jesus,” “J&A” and “suck d–k” in the Canal Street subway station before writing “Jesus is King” on the two police cars.

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