NY State Assembly to vote on marriage equality today

NY State Assembly to vote on marriage equality today

In light of the fact it’s passed many times in the Assembly, this vote should go well for the LGBT community.

As far as the state Senate is concerned, GOP state senators met today for several hours about the proposed bill to legalize marriage equality. No word on if there was a decision made on how they will proceed.

From the NY Times:
Senate Republican leaders said on Wednesday that they had not decided whether to take a vote on legalizing same-sex marriage, as advocates were in a full-court press to gain the one vote needed to pass the measure before Monday, the scheduled end of this year’s legislative session.

Thirty-one members of the 62-seat Senate have now publicly backed the legislation, including two Republicans who have emerged in recent days to say they would vote for same-sex marriage. The Republican-controlled chamber, where gay marriage was defeated two years ago by a wide margin, is seen as the last obstacle to the measure, which is strongly supported by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

Republican senators met for four hours Wednesday to discuss the marriage issue, and, as they emerged, they said they had not reached a consensus about bringing the bill to a vote.

Should the bill pass, New York will become the sixth, and largest, state in which gay and lesbian couples can legally wed, intensifying the national debate over the role of gays in American society and adding momentum to a movement that had stalled in recent years.

Stay tuned.