North Carolina Legislature Adjourns For The Year Without Fixing Anti-LGBT HB2

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

The North Carolina legislature adjourned last night without making any meaningful changes to the state’s controversial anti-LGBT law, HB2.

Even with the NBA threatening to move the 2017 All-Star game, and LGBT activists railing against the hateful legislation, the state lawmakers barely did a drive-by tweak to the law.

From the Charlotte Obaserver:

The two chambers also late Friday agreed to make a change to the law known as House Bill 2 as requested by McCrory, who wanted to have restored the right of workers to sue for employment discrimination using a state law. It cleared the House by a vote of 85-15 and 27-14 in the Senate and now goes to McCrory. His office didn’t immediately respond the action.

But the change to House Bill 2, approved in March and the subject of criticism nationally, didn’t repeal provisions that limited non-discrimination rules for lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people and directed which restroom transgender people can use.