NOM’s Brian Brown Sends Greetings From Alternate Universe

NOM’s Brian Brown Sends Greetings From Alternate Universe

Brian Brown, of the anti-gay hate group National Organization for Marriage, posts on his group’s NOM Blog today about the “Top Headlines of 2014” in which he seems to conclude that his anti-marriage equality movement is somehow thriving:

We live in a time when those who wish to redefine marriage and their sycophants in the media miss no opportunity to tell us that the battle is essentially over, that history is on their side and that the views of the citizens have changed. This is a future that these activists hope for, but it is decidedly not the future they will encounter. The reason we know this is because whenever they put their version of the future to the test, it is rejected by the American people.

I am encouraged by the victories and the bright moments of the past twelve months as we head into 2015, because they remind me that the cause of marriage is still very much alive, and we have good reason to hope for even more successes in the new year!

With that reminder then, please accept my wishes for a happy and blessed new year for you and your family, and my thanks for continuing to work with NOM to defend marriage and family in 2015!

I’ll remind readers that the pro-same-sex marriage folks won almost 50 legal battles in 2014 while Brian Brown and his ilk saw perhaps 2 wins in their column.

“Even more successes” indeed…