NOM’s Brian Brown goes on auto-pilot and loses Fox News marriage equality debate

Well, bless his little, tiny, itty-bitty, eentsy-teensy heart – Brian Brown of the mean and nasty “National Organization for Marriage” clearly decided he would take this TV appearance but forgot to turn off the “auto-pilot.”

John Stossel asks, quite directly, ‘how does same-sex marriage threaten heterosexual marriage’ and Brian just starts with his tired old talking points as if he can’t even hear the questions anymore.  PS – he never answers the question.

It’s almost sad, if it weren’t so icky what he does to the LGBT community.  Never does he articulate HOW a same-sex marriage threatens anyone else’s marriage.  The one tired idea he comes up with (twice) is that marriage benefits a child in having a mother and father.  But many marriages are childless – people who don’t want children, people who marry after child rearing years, etc… and he never addresses why those couples are not in the mix with gay or lesbians couples who may not have children?

Marriage is a civil issue.  It is based on a civil marriage license issued by a civil government that attaches civil rights to a legally married couple.  Thus, a legal marriage license is about civil rights.

Having been with my husband for 17 years, and legally married for 8 years, I haven’t noticed the sky fall any where near me.  I have heterosexual friends who’ve known me for decades (who are also conservatives) who don’t care about my marriage.  And I have neighbors who know Michael and I who have said clearly “we don’t care about any of that.”

I am guessing that Brian Brown is probably more interested in his paycheck than anything else.  The tide is clearly changing and the more it changes the more likely it is that Brian Brown will soon be out of a job.  He will not be able to divert so much of the funds that NOM collects into a nice, healthy paycheck for himself. It will be interesting to see how long he stays in this line of work when it doesn’t pay well.

The more older, more traditional voters/citizens pass on, and the more the younger, more accepting voters/citizens attend the ballot box and don’t care about NOM’s sad divisive screed, the less Brian Brown will find a place for himself in this evolving world.