Noah Guthrie – “Sexy And I Know It” YouTube sensation

18 year-old singer/songwriter Noah Guthrie is sexy, and quite frankly, 2.5 million YouTube fans “know it.” Guthrie’s cover of LMFAO’s hit song “Sexy and I Know It” became an overnight YouTube sensation, catapulting the musician to instant Internet stardom. Take a listen…

The soulful cover went viral a few days after Guthrie posted the video on May 9 and the Internet has stopped to stare.

Glamour writer Lauren Brown praises Guthrie’s “… voice, his creativity and willingness to go for it … That’s the beauty of live music–there are so many ways to hear the same song yet take away different messages and emotions from each performer.”

Guthrie currently has 53 videos uploaded to his YouTube channel.

The artist has covered popular singles by Selena Gomez, Foster the People and even Adele.

The Huffington Post raves about the viral video, commending his musical talent and daring adaptation.

“Dare we say it — the cover just might be better than the original.”

MSNBC writer Randee Dawn notes, YouTube captures 2 days worth of video — every minute.
It’s something when one breaks through like this.

“Guthrie is not quite just a basement rocker; he’s self-taught on the acoustic and as a singer (his voice is raspy and bluesy, reminiscent of John Mayer and John Popper) and he’s been making a name for himself around his hometown by playing small shows, and even has a management contract.”

On the Today Show today, Guthrie expressed his humble gratitude for the recognition his cover has received thus far.

“The next morning after I posted it, I woke up and it had like 200,000 views on it. I pretty much lost my mind. I’m very blessed with my situation, and everything.”

When asked about his future, the self-taught star stated he hopes to release an original album in the future, but will continue producing the weekly acoustic covers that made him famous. But one thing is clear — Guthrie’s vocals simply “work out”.