ABC News Dives Into The Appeal Of Netflix’s “Queer Eye”

ABC News Dives Into The Appeal Of Netflix’s “Queer Eye”
The men of ‘Queer Eye’

With the second season of the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye just around the corner, ABC News’ Nightline did a terrific deep dive last night into the “big” moments from season one that differentiates the new series from the original.

One thing that’s made clear in the interview with the ‘Fab 5’ is the name change was done – shifting from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” to simply “Queer Eye” to make the show more inclusive. It’s not just men (or straight men for that matter) that the show features.

And with a focus on the heartfelt moments, the show is able to offset the impression that new clothes or a haircut can solve all your problems. It’s the touching, human elements that remain a touchstone for the series.

Watch the guys explain more as Nightline recaps some of the more memorable moments from the first season.

(h/t The OUTfront)