NFL quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton say gay player would be accepted by team mates

ESPN Sunday Converation featured 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and Panthers QB Cam Newton sitting down with Michele Steele to discuss their off-the-field friendship, the atmosphere in their respective locker rooms and how Michael Sam will fit in the NFL. Via Queerty:

Cam Newton said:

“His job is a linebacker. Colin said it best when he said we don’t worry about each other when we’re outside of football. Of course we have, ‘Are you OK? Is there anything I can help you with?’ But the main focus is, we’re football players. We’re here in this organization for one reason and one reason only. And if you’re able to help us attain that winning success, your personal life is your personal life.”

Colin Kaepernick added:

“No one cares if you’re black, white, straight gay, Christian, Jewish, whatever it may be. When you step on that field you’re a member of, in my case the 49ers, or the Carolina Panthers, that’s your job. That’s your occupation.”

Yesterday, the results of an informal survey of players in the NFL showed roughly 86% of players aren’t interested in other players sexual orientation.