Newt Gingrich lies about gay adoption

Serial adulterer Newt Gingrich tried to pass off the usual lie about gay adoption’s “effect” on the Catholic Church on Meet The Press yesterday:

“But what I’m struck with is the one-sidedness of the desire for rights,” he added. “There are no rights for Catholics to have adoption services in Massachusetts. They’re outlawed. There are no rights in DC for Catholics to have adoption service. They’re outlawed.” “This passing reference to religion, we sort of respect religion — sure, as long as you don’t practice it,” Gingrich continued, saying we should go beyond the question of “Are you able to be gay in America?” and ask what it means. Whether that means, for example, eliminating “any institution which does not automatically accept that, and therefore, you’re now going to have a secular state, say, to a wide range of religious groups.”

Also on the panel was Joy-Ann Reid, who rightfully corrected Gingrich noting that Catholic Charities voluntarily withdrew their services rather than comply with anti-discrimination laws. Gay rights have not “eliminated” any religious group. If a group doesn’t wish to follow the law, then they are making their own choice.