Newspaper Told Rebel Wilson They Planned On Outing Her + More News

Rebel Wilson came out as lesbian today just in time for Pride Month
L-R Romona Agruma and Rebel Wilson (via Instagram)

Some news items I think are worth your time:

The Advocate: It looks like Rebel Wilson’s coming out was “forced” by a Sydney newspaper that told her they planned on outing her. She jumped before they did.

OMG Blog: The always awesome LGBTQ pop culture site assembled some of the funniest signs carried in Pride parades. This one is my favorite. Hit the link for more.

Newspaper Told Rebel Wilson They Planned On Outing Her + More News
(image via OMG Blog)

AP News: The Republican-led canvassing board of rural Otero County in New Mexico refused to certify primary election results over distrust of Dominion vote-tallying machines. “They have no basis — other than ‘we just don’t trust the machine’ — for not certifying the election.”

Out: Warner Bros. just released the first pic of Ryan Gosling as Ken in the upcoming Margot Robbie-led Barbie film and he is serving plastic perfection realness! (Just look at those abs — is that an eight-pack?!)

Huffpost: Seattle Pacific University graduates handed rainbow flags to the school’s interim president as he gave out their diplomas on Sunday to protest of the school’s anti-LGBTQ policies. The protest went viral on TikTok, raking in millions of views.

Pride Music: Out recording artist Lotus Sky released her single, “Show Your Colors,” last summer. The powerful Pride anthem celebrates uniqueness in the rainbow of creation. With big drums and powerful horns, the track is a joyful and vibrant burst of invigorating energy to uplift the world.

The gorgeous islander melody pairs beautifully with Sky’s lithe and soaring vocals as an invitation to the spirit to dance and walk in pride.