Transphobes Freak Out Over Razor Ad + More News Items

Transphobes Freak Out Over Razor Ad + More News Items
(screen capture via Braun ad)

Some news items you might have missed:

LGBTQ Nation: Transphobes in the UK are losing their minds because a transgender man is included in a new ad spot for a Braun razor (above). Note: trans men do shave…

Instinct Magazine: Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey get all snuggly in this new preview for the upcoming political thriller Fellow Traveler.

The Advocate: Missouri state Sen. Bill Eigel, a Republican running for governor, has vowed to burn ‘woke pornographic books’ if elected to the state’s high office.

Twitter: Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) is so desperate to get the white authoritarian GOP to like him he’s now throwing striking union workers under the bus. “You strike, you’re fired! Simple concept to me.” Scott is currently averaging about 2.5% in the polls.

Queerty: Australian basketball pro Corey Webster was apparently surprised folks were offended when he said the Pride flag makes him think of “mental illness.”

C-SPAN: Five ultraconservatives just blocked House consideration of a GOP defense spending bill as Republicans inch the country closer to a government shutdown. Defense bills are something House Republicans usually can agree on.