News Round-Up: September 6, 2021

Some news items you might have missed:

Instinct Magazine: 5-time Emmy Award nominee Michael Kenneth Williams (above) passed away at the age of 54. Williams’s character Omar on The Wire was a highly intelligent homosexual who instilled fear in the streets of Baltimore – all while living his authentic life, unapologetically.

LGBTQ Nation: A federal court has ruled that a North Carolina Catholic school wrongfully fired a teacher in 2014 just because was gay.

Miami Herald: Getting the COVID vaccine is not a “personal choice.” It never was, really, but the onslaught of cases fueled by the delta variant has removed any doubt. And yet that’s not what Florida’s governor would have you believe.

Pink News: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hopeful that Canada will end blood donation discrimination soon.

USA Today I: Daily coronavirus infections are more than four times what the U.S. was seeing on Labor Day last year, or a 316% increase, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Daily deaths are almost twice as high.

USA Today II: The Perth Zoo in Western Australia celebrated the birth of a female giraffe calf. I love giraffes…