News Round-Up: September 15, 2018

Some sexy Saturday eye-candy via the world famous Chippendales
Ryan Worley of the world famous Chippendales (via Instagram)

Some sexy Saturday eye-candy via Ryan Worley (above) of the world famous Chippendales here in my town, Las Vegas, plus some news stories you might have missed.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s gay brother is having an all-out war with her in the media calling her “destructive” and a “monster.” And that’s just the beginning…

• Romania has moved one step closer to outlawing same-sex marriage. An anti-LGBT citizens group submitted a petition with over 3 million signatures asking for the country to vote to make marriage between ‘ a man and a woman.’

• People born in New York City who don’t identify as male or female will soon be able to select a nonbinary gender category on their birth certificates.

• Anti-LGBT activist Linda Harvey has declared that oral sex is “the practice of homosexuals.” Funny, I thought straight folks liked oral sex, too…?

• A little throwback to the 80s this fine Saturday with Pat Benatar and her classic, “Shadows of the Night.”

Man, those vocals and harmonies are killer. And the production is so awesomely 80s.

Hit play and enjoy. Happy Saturday, kids!