News Round-Up: October 25, 2021

Catching up on some news items you might have missed:

OUT: Two-time Emmy-winning choreographer and So You Think You Can Dance star Travis Wall (above) has been taken off of the Break the Floor dance company’s tours after allegations of sexual misconduct and grooming were leveled at him by a then-underaged dancer with the company.

The Advocate: Twitter has suspended the congressional account of U.S. Rep. Jim Banks after he purposefully misgendered Dr. Rachel Levine, the top transgender federal government official.

The Gaily Grind: Former President Barack Obama slammed Republican lawmakers who continue to attack same-sex marriage, six years after the Supreme Court legalized it nationwide.

PBS: Moderna said Monday that a low dose of its COVID-19 vaccine is safe and showed vaccinated kids developed virus-fighting antibodies similar to levels that young adults produce after full-strength shots.

USA Today: Long-term COVID-19 side effects could include memory loss and other cognitive dysfunctions commonly labeled as “brain fog,” according to a new study.

YouTube: Check Your Luggage is an LGBTQ+ travel show shot in and around New York City. Each episode focuses on a specific culture found in New York City as a backdrop and springboard to celebrate other destinations, either abroad or at home in the USA.

Hosted by Justin T. Russo (Logo TV’s Fire Island), the series features special guests who offer insight into queer travel, or the culture being celebrated.