News Round-Up: November 8, 2021

Some news items you might have missed:

The Advocate: Next year’s FIFA World Cup is set to take place in Qatar, but gay soccer player Josh Cavallo (above) is speaking out, saying he would not feel safe playing in a country where homosexuality is banned with punishments ranging from flogging and long prison terms to execution.

WTKR: A lesbian couple were shot dead at point blank range trying to protect their 19-year-old pregnant daughter during an altercation with the daughter’s boyfriend.

Pink News: A memorial for the victims of the tragic 2016 mass shooting inside the Pulse nightclub was set on fire in a heinous act caught on camera.

Larry Brown Sports: Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Damon Arnette (1st round draft pick) was cut from the team today generating some negative headlines over the past week including posting a wilding video on social media, some homophobic stuff, and an alleged hit-and-run.

New York Times: First Lady Jill Biden and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy traveled to Virginia to visit an elementary school that made history in 1954 when its students were the first to receive the polio vaccine. The visit is part of a public message to encourage vaccinating 28 million young children against the coronavirus.

CNN: SiriusXM Radio host Dean Obeidallah explains why NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers lashing out at critics as a “woke mob,” spewing medically unsound thoughts on Covid-19 vaccines and failing to apologize for misleading people in August that he had been vaccinated isn’t “leadership.”

Back2Stonewall: After appearances in the film versions of Broadway musicals Cats, Into The Woods, and The Prom, a petition has been launched on which reads “James Corden in no way shape or form should be in or near the production of Wicked the movie.”