News Round-Up: December 6, 2019

News Round-Up: December 6, 2019

Some news items you might have missed:

Instagram: Celebrating the latest trip around the sun by my hot hubby, Michael, here in Puerto Vallarta.

• Advocate: A Florida man is facing felony charges of child abandonment after dropping his underage son off at a closed police station. A police report indicated the man believed his son was gay and told him the police would find him a new home.

CNN: Former Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday he would consider Sen. Kamala Harris as a potential running mate, a day after she dropped out of the presidential race. “Of course I would. Sen. Harris has the capacity to be anything she wants to be. I mean it sincerely. I talked to her yesterday. She’s solid, she can be president someday herself, she can be vice president, she could go on to be a Supreme Court justice, she could be attorney general. I mean she has enormous capability.”

Desert Sun: Donald Trump’s “big, beautiful wall” was easily scaled by two men in Mexicali.

KIT212: Kenneth rounds up the latest what’s what in gay rags across the country.

• Slate: A mother wrote in asking for advice after realizing her son shares the same name as a ‘prolific’ porn star. She wonders if she should change his name worrying possible employers might Google the name and think the adult performer is her son. The son says he’s good, btw.

• One more ‘hey’ from Puerto Vallarta: Hope you all have an awesome weekend 🙂