News Round-Up: November 3, 2021

Some news items you might have missed:

LGBTQ Nation: QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) bragged about giving birth in a truck in a repulsive anti-gay rant about Pete Buttigieg taking paternity leave.

Buzzfeed: Kristen Stewart really wants Guy Fieri to officiate her wedding to Dylan Meyer.

Reuters: With 90% of the vote counted, Gov. Phil Murphy has become the first Democratic governor in four decades to win re-election in New Jersey.

ESPN: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for COVID-19 and will not play against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The NFL has considered Rodgers as unvaccinated since the start of the season. “Under league protocol, if Rodgers tests positive and is unvaccinated, he must quarantine for a minimum of 10 days.”

New York Times: A year after Joe Biden won Virginia by 10 points, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has lost his bid to reclaim his old job by less than 1.5 points. I personally blame Congress’ inability to pass the infrastructure bill as many Virginia voters said “Democrats weren’t getting things done.” #ThanksJoeManchin

Out Music: Out singer/songwriter Robby Hart serves up this dark deliciously bass-heavy, 80s-inspired electro-pop single, “Bump in the Night.”