News Round-Up: November 14, 2019

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: I’m sorry, but ‘suited up for work’ Steve_in_LA (above) is just ridiculously handsome and photogenic. #dang

GLSEN: Jordan Steffy, who went viral over the weekend when video of him standing up to a high school bully hit Twitter, said during an appearance on Tamron Hall’s talk show he’s leaving the public school since the administrators have done nothing about his reports of being bullied. A 2018 study by GLSEN found that 20% of LGBTQ youth have switched schools at least once to escape bullying.

NY Times Bestsellers: Donald Trump Jr. is bragging about his book, Triggered, landing at number one on the NY Times Bestsellers list, but there’s a catch – see that little dagger symbol next to his listing? That indicates there were bulk purchases of the book. You know, like someone ordering tons of copies so the book lands at number one…?

Gaily Grind: A former Kentucky school principal who made national headlines for banning books with “homosexual content” from classrooms has been indicted on child pornography charges. Because of course…

OUT: There has never been a gay Black man in Congress, but Mondaire Jones is trying to change that. The lawyer, nonprofit leader, and activist announced his campaign to represent New York’s 17th Congressional District on Thursday.

• Quisling Bootlicker: Gay conservative commentator and talk show host Dave Rubin invited Donald Trump Jr. to his show and told the president’s son that he’d be fine if Don Jr. called him a “fag.” Said Rubin, “All I ever wanted was exact equality under the law. That’s what we’ve got. Now we’re equal. You can call me whatever you want. You could call me a ‘fag’ right now and it wouldn’t mean anything to me.”