News Round-Up: May 3, 2016

Some news stories you may have missed:

Wicked, the Broadway musical blockbuster, crosses the $4 billion mark in world-wide box office.

• Donald Trump’s “working class” supporters are not so “blue collar’ when compared with Hillary or Bernie voters, who are much closer to the median household income of the average American.

• CNN’s Political Prediction Market now says Donald Trump is 96% likely to win today’s Indiana GOP primary.

• Sarah Palin asks “Who are we to disagree with 97% of scientists on climate change?” Jimmy Kimmel agrees – who ARE we to disagree with 97% of scientists on climate change.

•Anti-LGBT “Christians” descend on Target stores telling customers they need to “repent” for shopping at a store that let’s transgender folks use the rest room.

• A Texas mayor saw his anti-transgender ordinance go down in a unanimous vote.

• Netflix’s Sense8 will premiere Season 2 on Christmas Day.

• High school senior exposes himself in year book photo, gets charged with felony, but also an offer from Playgirl.