News Round-Up: June 22, 2018

InstaHunk Obaid Habibi

Some news items you might have missed:

• I’d love to lie and tell you this is my new assistant, but alas, no. It’s InstaHunk Obaid Habibi hanging out at his laptop 🙂

• A Kansas man was arrested trying to have sex with a parked car. I kid you not.

• A promising HIV vaccine demonstrated its power by neutralizing HIV strains in animals and is almost ready for human testing.

• A cop, charged with rape and indecent assault and battery performed in a broom closet, says the sex was consensual. At the time of the encounter, the officer was married to a woman who happened to be the chief of police.

• S-Curve Records has signed this year’s Eurovision Song Contest champ Netta. The Israeli pop maverick’s viral smash “Toy” has been viewed over 76 million times since the competition.

• 60% of LGBTQ+ student loan borrowers say they regret taking out student loans. On average, LGBTQ borrowers have $112,607 in student loan debt — $16,000 more than the general population average of $96,211.

• The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement authorities need a warrant before tracking a cell phone’s location data. In the ruling, SCOTUS likened cell phones to GPS ankle monitors.

• Barbra shared this short clip via Instagram and I had to watch five times. From “Barbra The Concert,” its currently available on Netflix.