News Round-Up: January 30, 2019

• InstaHunk Matthew Camp (above) is giving you 'polar vortex/winter tones' on this Hump Day.
Matthew Camp (via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• InstaHunk Matthew Camp (above) is giving you ‘polar vortex/winter tones’ on this Hump Day.

• Inspired by the unofficial Gay Days events at Disneyland and Disney World in the US, Disneyland Paris will host its first official Pride event, titled Magical Pride, on June 1.

• Lawyers for Kentucky GOP Gov. Matt Bevin say that former Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis must pay the $225,000 in legal fees owed to the gay couples who sued her for refusing to issue marriage licenses.

Kim Davis

• White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network today that she believes God wanted Donald Trump to become president.

• Four middle school kids in North Carolina face felony charges after plans were discovered to attempt a ‘Columbine-style’ attack on fellow students and a teacher.

• I got the most delightful surprise when the fabulous Leslie Ellis called me up just to say ‘hi’ last night.

She and her uber-talented hubby, Casey Kelly, had watched the RENT Live event on Sunday night and it reminded her of her own Broadway days (we did the national company of CATS together in the 80s when she stopped the show every night with her performance of “Memory”).

Long story short: old-friends, chatting, laughs, sharing, long call – it was great 🙂

In any case, it made me long to her her gorgeous voice, so I’m sharing this with you, one of my favorite recordings of hers, “We Came Close.”

Click here for more info about the talented duo.