News Round-Up: August 17, 2018

#woofilicious Joel Green

Some news items you might have missed:

•  InstaHunk Joel Green is scrubbing up for the weekend. #TGIF #woof

• First Lady Melania Trump announced she will address a cyber-bullying conference, and the Twitterverse howled.

• A gay couple in Belgium were brutally beaten by homophobic neighbors.

• A Portland man has been arrested for threatening to blow up an apartment complex for HIV+ gay men, or as the perpetrator put it – “where f*cking f*gg*ts live.”

• A judge in Michigan has ruled that attacks on transgender folks fall under the state’s hate crime laws since “gender” is listed as a “protected class.”

•My Instinct Magazine colleague, Samuel Murrian, ranked all of Madonna’s studio albums from best to worst in honor of the Queen of Pop’s 60th birthday.

•And how about one more peek at Mr. Joel Green as we head into the weekend…?