News: Pedro Pascal In ‘Esquire’ + Ariana DeBose & The Tonys + More

News: Pedro Pascal In ‘Esquire’ + Ariana DeBose & The Tonys + More
Pedro Pascal (screen capture)

Some news stories you might have missed:

The Advocate: The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal says his transgender sister is “one of the most powerful people” he knows.

Variety: Tony nominee and Oscar winner Ariana DeBose will return as the host of this year’s Tony Awards airing live on CBS Sunday, June 11, as well as the streaming service Paramount+.

Kenneth-in-the-212: Kenneth shares some thoughts on his quest to understand what the word “queer” means today.

NBC News: The American Medical Association’s 1st gay president will be taking over at a tumultuous time. Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, an anesthesiologist and father of two, said he’s “deeply concerned about government intrusion into decision-making for patients.”

The Comeback: Thanks to Major League Baseball’s new pitch clock, MLB games are about 30 minutes shorter. As a result, 4 teams have extended alcohol sales into the bottom of the eighth inning. The traditional cut-off for alcohol sales in MLB venues is the seventh inning.

Hump Day Bonus: If after watching this short video featuring footage of Pedro Pascal’s recent photoshoot with Esquire Magazine you don’t understand the world’s attraction to the oh-so-charming actor, then you’re dead.