New Polling In Ohio Shows Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump +9

New Polling In Ohio Shows Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump +9

A new poll from the Baldwin Wallace Community Research Institute shows Hillary Clinton has pulled out to a 9 point lead over billionaire Donald Trump in the vital swing state of Ohio.


Democrat Hillary Clinton has a 9-point lead over Republican Donald Trump in Ohio following the news of Trump’s vulgar talk about women and after the second debate between the candidates, according to a statewide poll released today by Baldwin Wallace University in Berea.

Clinton leads Trump, 48 percent to 38 percent, with 14 percent unsure, in a direct match-up, the poll found. When the two minority party candidates are added to the mix – as they are on state ballots — Clinton leads by 9 percent, 43 percent to 34 percent.

It’s notable that the survey included 1,152 likely voters. That’s a substantial number for a state-wide poll.

Plus, this was taken after the second debate through to Tuesday evening. So the debate and Trump’s “PussyGate” video are baked into these results.

The survey also showed that 63% of Trump voters are primarily casting a vote against Clinton, not for him.

Among Clinton supporters only 47% say they are casting a vote against Trump.

Among Independent voters, 46% say they are voting Clinton; 35% say they plan to vote Trump.