New Music: Zoe Boebinder ‘I Am Yesterday’

Zoe Boekbinder
Zoe Boekbinder (photo: Alessandra Leimer)

Indie/folk artist Zoe Boekbinder (they/them) premieres the first of a new double single, “I Am Yesterday.”

“This song is about losing a friendship and being cut off from that person without a chance at resolution or reconciliation,” says Zoe about the new track. “It’s about being shunned and being cast as a villain in someone’s story.”

Whatever you say is what they see
Whoever you say I am they will believe
I know you know that’s not me
I am begging you please tell a different story

With a touch of melancholy, the indie/folk track has a chill, tender vibe which pairs beautifully with Zoe’s vulnerable, graceful vocals.

Caleb Campbell of Under The Radar called the track “…another hypnotic gem from Boekbinder, with strands of intimate instrumentation encircling Boekbinder’s arresting vocals and stark lyricism.”

Campbell also praised the song for its “enveloping sense of warmth and welcome, balancing the desolation with comfort and confession.”

Co-produced with friends/labelmates Gracie and Rachel, it is the first new solo music for Zoe since 2018s Shadow, and first new release since the widely acclaimed Prison Music Project’s Long Time Gone (2020).

Boekbinder is one of the founding creators of the Prison Music Project which Salon called “one of the most hypnotically singular-sounding releases of the year.” The songs were written in collaboration with nine men incarcerated in New Folsom Prison where Boekbinder volunteered, teaching music, for five years.

New Music: Zoe Boebinder ‘I Am Yesterday’
Cover art (photo: Julia Margo Ross)

(Updated on July 26, 2022, to include the official music video for “I Am Yesterday.”)