New Music: Nieri ‘Spoiler Alert’

With his new music video, “Spoiler Alert“, out recording artist Nieri takes listeners on a journey that challenges conventional notions of love, desire, and the intricate interplay between authenticity and materialism.

Set against a hypnotic bass line, the Euro-pop soundscape pairs well with just a touch of tribal rhythm. Nieri’s confident, shimmering vocals weave a tale of devotion and human connection.

Nieri, who directed and edited the video, co-wrote the song with Joakim Buddee and Ingrid Witt. Buddee and Will also contributed the glossy, high-end production.

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Check out the music video below. You can find all of Niero’s music on Spotify here.

In an Instagram post, Nieri explains that there’s a story unfolding within the music video:⁠

Initially, I’m seen performing with my dancers, maybe for someone special.⁠ However, as the video progresses, I wanted the dynamic to shift, and blur the lines between performers, as well as with the audience. ⁠

The question is: am I actually dancing with various versions of myself? And could it be that the true ‘Spoiler Alert’ is the desire to be loved and seen?