Out indie artist FAZE drops his new single, 'Magic,' in advance of his upcoming EP titled Eclipse.

New Music: FAZE Shares Some Musical ‘Magic’

Out indie artist FAZE drops his new single, 'Magic,' in advance of his upcoming EP titled Eclipse.

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter FAZE releases his new single “Magic” from his upcoming EP.

The chill mid-tempo was the last song recorded on for the EP, to be titled Eclipse.

“Stylistically I wanted to go for something that was influenced by my Persian background – which was outside of the norm for me and also different from mainstream music” says FAZE.

The handsome artist says the song captures “falling for someone or something in a way that you’ve never felt before.”

Spirits talking heavens watching” is the voice in our head that reminds us the world is always watching, judging and ridding yourself of those perspectives,” explains FAZE. “Whether it’s the initial spark in a relationship or on a more personal level, the underlying message behind Magic is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing it. It’s about feeling good, feeling sexy and feeling magical”.

A member of the LGBTQ community, FAZE has spent years working to find his most authentic creative voice, with the intent on making his art as inclusive as possible.

The San Diego native spent years grappling with not only his sexual orientation but with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome at the age of seven.

But music would prove to be his emotional salvation, and by the age of nine he’d learned to play both piano and cello. “My idea of fun when I was a kid was just sitting in my garden, listening to classical music and playing my cello,” he recalls.

By his early 20s, he’d begun joining in songwriting sessions for leading artists, which went a long way in sharpening his songcraft and refining his vision for his own work.

“Even when I was writing for other people, I was always pulling from my own experiences—I can only write what’s real to me,” says FAZE. “But now with Eclipse, I feel like it’s the first time I’m stepping out into the world, and fully showing who I am as an artist.”