New Music: EVVAN ‘Craving’

Non-binary recording artist EVVAN
EVVAN (photo: Kevin Condon)

Alt-folk singer-songwriter, EVVAN, has released her new single, “Craving,” in celebration of Pride Month. With echoes of Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks, “Craving,” is a nostalgic pull to the 80s pop/rock era.

Grounded amid an infectious, driving beat, “Craving” is a take-no-prisoners paean to self-empowerment. EVVAN serves up raw, unyielding vocals that translate into addictive rushes of serotonin. And what pop-rock anthem would be worth its salt without a sexy, grungy guitar solo?

EVVAN says the passionate expressions of “craving change” conveys the tumultuous battle those in the LGBTQ+ community and other groups experiencing adversity continue to face.

“‘Craving’ came from a point of confusion and frustration over the gender binary,” EVVAN, who is non-binary and pansexual, says.

“I want to tell those who don’t experience it themselves about the real-life difficulties in understanding how the world isn’t as simplistic as man and woman,” she continued. “The spectrum is much more expansive and not only involves gender, but gender expression and sexuality.”

EVVAN’s writing continues to go through twists and turns, as she experiments with new ways to tell stories and coax listeners’ minds to open up to new perspectives through textured melodies, layered harmonies, and evocative lyrics.

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The music video for “Craving” will be released on Non-Binary Day, July 14, 2022.

You can find EVVAN on all major music streaming platforms here, and you can follow her on Instagram here.


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