New Music: Eli Lieb “Kissing Your Tattoos”

Out singer/songwriter/producer Eli Leib contrasts a tentative, halting verse with a chorus that explodes with a visceral tribal drum beat in his latest single, “Kissing Your Tattoos.”

Considering the intimate perspective of the lyrics, it’s powerfully spot on.

Yeah I think it’s just a one night thing
Sorry if you wanted more of me
Maybe just a midnight rendezvous
But I’ll stay here kissing all of your tattoos

I think I know several folks who can relate to the moment.

Whether it’s the unbridled exuberance of his “Zeppelin” or the tender “Safe In My Hands,” Lieb always finds the sweet spot in his achingly personal musical creations.

I’m a longtime fan of Eli having featured him several times on The Randy Report. Check out more posts on the talented Mr. Lieb here.