My 1,000th blog post

Wow – my 1,000th blog post.

I began this blog on January 28th of this year.  It was Michael’s idea.  Michael has enjoyed my writing (and coped with my opinions) for a long time, and has always encouraged me to do more.

When Michael suggested the idea of my starting a blog, all I could think was “who would read it besides Michael?”

I also wondered what would I say?

And would I offend anyone?  (this was bound to happen….)

Since then, I have gone from 3,000 visits my first month (still wondering how that happened) to over 30,000 visits this past month.  The blog has opened the door to my writing several magazine articles, and I’ve been flattered to have been a guest on some very fun radio shows.

More than those things, I really enjoy doing this.  A lot.

I realize I tend to obsess on some topics: marriage equality, equal rights, the former half-term governor of Alaska, the Congresswoman & Ladybird Bachmann, the Chippendales, the incredible Ben Cohen, Vanessa Williams and of course, my favorite werewolf Joe Manganiello, among other things.

I’m guessing readers have gotten to know a bit about who I am, what I care about, what I think is funny, and how I got here through all the bits and pieces I’ve posted.

A big ‘thank you’ to all of you who check in here at The Randy Report – not only for my serious political voice, or my musings on life with Michael, the Brun and the puppies, but for my silly posts that I hope make a few minutes a day a little more fun.  That’s a big point of this.  This isn’t cancer research.  And I know a little something about that, too.

Please keep coming back (often).  It really is a lot of fun thinking someone gets something out of this.

I know I do.