Music Video: Adam Lambert Drops “Another Lonely Night” In Las Vegas

From Adam Lambert’s album The Original High we get the new single, “Another Lonely Night.”

Ruminating on the idea that everyone is lonely in life even if you have beauty, or money, or the spotlight.

Of course, I love that the video is set in my town of Las Vegas, AND there’s a male stripper featured. In addition to others, we follow him on his way to work, watch him earn a pile of money being adored and objectified by women at a work.

But when he returns home, it’s just him, the cash and his puppy.

If someone wants to send me his address, I’ll be happy to visit him 🙂

From Lambert on the approach to the video: “When the lights turn off and the costumes get put away, many struggle with the feeling of loneliness. I wanted to paint a picture that wasn’t necessarily happy or sad, but showed the entire range in between.”

I’m not so sure the song itself rises to the level of Lambert’s first single from this project, “Ghost Town,” which I loved, but his vocals are definitely on point.

I do like the direction and storytelling here, though. Director Luke Gilford takes his time leading us down lonesome lane.