Music: Newly remastered “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

Music: Newly remastered “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

I’m really in a Christmas music mood today.  Finally hit me, I guess.

Who doesn’t love this CD (and TV special)?  Released this year, this is a newly remastered version of the music with additional tracks. 

Although we have DVDs of those great children’s holiday shows to watch whenever we please now, there was something special in “making sure we didn’t miss Charlie Brown Christmas” or any of the other fab shows way before DVR or DVD.  It really made watching an event.  I kinda miss that today.

But it does create a cool atmosphere when trimming the tree or having friends over to be able to hear this great music. Maybe this recording is what started my appreciation for jazz? Maybe.

If interested, you can download the newly remastered Charlie Brown Christmas at Amazon.