MS Man Skipped Vaccination, Got COVID, Lost His Leg Due To Complications

A Mississippi man who chose not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus had to have his leg amputated after he developed complications due to COVID-19.

Bryan Thompson, 43, is married and has a six-year-old son. He figured he was a pretty low risk for COVID-19 and had some skepticism about the vaccines. So, he decided he’d be fine without getting his shot.

“It wasn’t like I was a front-line worker somewhere seeing hundreds of people a day” Thompson told the local Fox News affiliate. “So I figured if anyone can take a little bit of a risk it could be us because of our situation.”

He developed fever, pneumonia, and ended up in the hospital with very low oxygen levels. He eventually recovered and was discharged, but once home he experienced serious complications.

“During the night, [the] pain increased to a level I have never experienced,” he said. “[The] Worst pain I have ever felt in my life.

After being rushed to the emergency room, doctors found several blood clots in his leg and had to amputate his leg.

Thompson is feeling better now and plans on getting vaccinated as soon as he can saying the vaccine is a lot cheaper than a hospital stay. His wife says the hospital bill is well over $50,000 and while insurance will cover most, they are still responsible for over $10,000.

The moral of the story: if you think you’re young and healthy and would probably survive a bout of COVID-19, you might be right. Thompson survived, but lost his leg and is now saddled with huge medical bills.

Something to think on for the vaccine deniers…