Mother Drives 8 Hours To Keep Son’s Gender-Affirming Care On Track

Mother Drives 8 Hours To Keep Son’s Gender-Affirming Care On Track
(image via Depositphotos)

I write a lot about the hideous anti-transgender laws that have been and continue to be passed across the country. And I know regular readers understand the impact bans on gender-affirming care are having.

But I highly recommend reading this very well-written report by award-winning writer Casey Parks for the Washington Post about a mother in Mississippi who had to drive her 17-year-old son 8 hours to another state just to fill a testosterone prescription.

In the article, Katie shares how her son came out of his shell and began to thrive once he realized he was transgender and started treatment (after a year of seeing a therapist).

Before Ray came out, the physical world pained him. He coughed every two minutes, and he blinked nonstop. He spent so much time with imaginary animal friends, a teacher once told Katie he needed “help.”

After he started blockers, Ray joined a theater group, and he seemed present in a way he never had. He stopped coughing and blinking. He made real friends. He earned straight A’s.

Katie figured they had time. The legislative session didn’t start until early 2023, and she believed that lawmakers would listen when she and others told them about their trans children.

But in October 2022, someone from the LGBTQ clinic left a voice mail for Jody and told him they would no longer treat Ray.

As Katie drives her son, Ray, to a pharmacy in neighboring Alabama, she worries if she’ll be able to make it over the state line for a tele-health appointment with a doctor who can prescribe the medication. Then she worries will the Walgreens dispense the testosterone?

The article is beautifully written capturing moments large and small. Things that most folks, even those who may have read a bit about gender-affirming care, don’t realize.

I found the piece deeply affecting and I hope you read it. Here is a gift link to access the article for free.