Most recent marriage equality polls in four states

Most recent marriage equality polls in four states

The pro-gay-marriage side currently leads in the latest polls of the
ballot measures in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

Here’s a
breakdown of where things stand on the question of whether gay marriage
should be legalized in each state:


Yes: 55 percent

No: 36 percent

MARYLAND (Hart Research Assoicates, August):

Yes: 54 percent

No: 40 percent

MINNESOTA (Public Policy Polling, June):

Yes: 49 percent

No: 43 percent


Yes: 51 percent

No: 42 percent

Of course the election is three months away, but I’ll take these numbers.  It’s time folks.

Public opinion has shifted rapidly in favor of gay marriage in recent
years; a recent CNN poll found 54 percent of Americans supporting legal
recognition of “marriages between gay and lesbian couples,” part of a long-term public opinion trend
in that direction. Since President Obama came out in favor of gay
marriage in May, there’s evidence the position has gained even more
support among Democrats, particularly African-Americans, and the
Democratic Party recently announced there will be a pro-gay marriage
plank in the platform approved at the convention in Charlotte next

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