Documentary: “Inlaws & Outlaws”

Documentary: “Inlaws & Outlaws”

I just finished watching a very moving, sad, sweet, funny and touching documentary – “Inlaws & Outlaws” – chronicling the lives of several couples and their lives together.

From the beginning of the film, you don’t know who is straight or who is gay; you don’t know who’s with whom. The people telling their stories range in age from young adults to senior citizens.   The stories unfold and as the viewer you learn the journey these folks have taken in terms of human connection and bonding.

Very well done by director Drew Emery, the film thoughtfully explores the condition of being single, married, divorced or in some cases widowed.  Along the way there are some tears, many laughs and the crystallized realization that we all have much in common.

Watching the documentary, it becomes clear that “being with someone” isn’t just a heterosexual or homosexual idea. And that all of our relationships have a lot in common. A great thought to embrace as marriage equality is being debated around not only the US, but the world.

“We love. We lose. We all want to belong. And we’re all making this up as we go along.”

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At the same website you can get information about the Hearts + Minds Campaign whose mission is “sharing our true stories, we believe we can bring people together to recognize a beautiful thing: love is neither gay nor straight – it’s human.”