Most Fabulous Baton Twirling Routine EVER!

Most Fabulous Baton Twirling Routine EVER!

I promise this will be the most fabulous thing you see today on the interwebs.

Quickly going viral, this video – posted to Facebook by The Baton Twirling Sport Association of Ireland – features an unidentified girl performing an awesome routine to the Broadway classic, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” from Dreamgirls.

It’s a flawless routine that includes several passes where she throws the baton so high she has time to do three flips before she catches the baton behind her head!

I screamed out loud a few times. If you need something to lift you up this morning – this is it.

I looked and looked for her name because she deserves a serious shout out. Congrats!

UPDATE: The talented twirler’s name is Savannah Miller and she was world champion in 2015. My Twitter pal Tracey Heinhold informs me this is from this year’s world championships where Savannah came in 2nd!