Mike Pence: Reagan Spoke Truth “Just Like Donald Trump”

Mike Pence: Reagan Spoke Truth “Just Like Donald Trump”

Wow. This is bold.

According to VP Republican running mate Mike Pence, speaking at the Reagan Presidential Library today, Donald Trump is now the “second coming” of Ronald Reagan.

From Politico:

“The American people picked a bold truth teller in 1980, and I know they’re going to elect a bold truth teller in 2016,” he said. “These challenging times bear a striking similarity, I believe, to the time America faced in 1980. Then as now we stand at a fault line in history. An economy in decline, joblessness stretched as far as the eye can see, alarming social upheaval and an America pushed around abroad.”

Pence, at times emotional, described Reagan as an outsider who made the political elite uncomfortable but won over voters with a refreshing bluntness. “In his voice they heard the rare and unmistakable sound of a man unbound by Washington niceties and pretense of power. In his voice they heard, for the first time in a long time, the truth,” Pence said. “Ronald Reagan spoke the truth to the American people, just like Donald Trump has.”

Patti Davis, the daughter of President Reagan, is no fan of Trump having recently denounced his “fondness for verbal violence” in regard to his comments about “Second Amendment people” and Hillary Clinton.