Michael Henry Is Definitely NOT Desperate (Seriously)

Funny guy Michael Henry says he’s “too accessible” to gay men and he’s putting a stop to it now!

“A man texts me, I text him right back; a man calls me, I call him right back!,” our definitely NOT desperate hero tells Jenson Titus during a park chat.

In fact, Henry plans on throwing his phone out and sitting in the middle of a field where he will NOT wait for a man to speak to him.

Jenson Titus

No, not really…

But Henry does bring up a subject as old as time: how quickly (or not) to communicate or respond to possible dating material?

Is right away too fast? Too desperate? Is it better to pause in order to appear less accessible? Are one word answers off-putting? Are emojis too cryptic?

Watch below to see if you relate.

p.s. who remembers a time when instead of reading subtext into text messages, you had to read body language in person…