Michael Henry: ‘Are You Into Power Play?’

Do you like ‘power play’ in the bedroom, or it all about being romantical for you when getting physical?

That’s the question funnyman Michael Henry explores in his latest YouTube video, ‘Are You Into Power Play?’

While properly socially distancing on the patio with Henry and Tim (Kornbread), Todd (Darren Bluestone) posits the question and each of the trio definitely has their own take on personal dynamics when doing the ‘wild thing.’

Turns out that Todd is a dom – a dom bottom.

“So, you’re an aggressive bottom?” asks Tim.

Todd’s reply: “You think I go to the gym and work out just for nothing?”

Tim loves being a dom top, and being a sub bottom, and sub topping, and dom bottoming….and, well, you get the picture.

Henry, however, is not into power dynamics in the bedroom. He wants to have “the real you” when getting busy, not some role play.

“I don’t want to go to dinner and drinks with a florist and then jump into bed with the executioner,” Henry announces.

It’s an interesting chat on the idea of whether we need just the ‘flesh’ or the whole ‘fantasy’ during encounters of the physical kind.

Hit the play button below.