Marriage equality vs Kardashian “marriage”

Michael and I were interviewed yesterday over what many in the LGBT community feel is a sense of hypocrisy regarding Kim Kardashian’s right to a 72 day marriage versus the LGBT fight for marriage equality.

Today, Buzzfeed posted pictures of 20 couples who “put Kim Kardashian to shame” while we all fight for the same rights 90% of the rest of Americans have.

As I’ve said many times in the past, it is frustrating that some people oppose marriage equality for gays and lesbians based on a word “marriage” as if marriage rights are a wholly religious issue. The truth of the matter is as long as over 1,100 federal marriage rights are derived from a license issued by a civil government – not a church – marriage equality is a civil rights issue. No one in the LGBT community is talking about forcing a church to change their views or practices. The LGBT community is simply looking for the same – not ‘special – rights as all other Americans.

Also, I was glad the news cast included my comment about the National Organization for Marriage’s silence on the Kardashian issue. If NOM truly weren’t anti-gay, as they claim, and only about protecting marriage, where is their outrage over protecting “the sanctity of marriage” in the Kardashian case? I have reached out through twitter and emails for a response from NOM. The silence is deafening.

Rather than attack the civil rights of lesbian and gay couples, how about NOM work to prevent the true threat to marriage which is divorce?