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Memorial Day Flashback: BBQ With Mariah Carey, Olivia Newton-John & Tyson Beckford

Michael (L) with the fab Mariah Carey and me (R)

I originally posted this in 2015, but as I thinking about Memorial Days past, this was one for the books:


So picture this: I’m laying on the couch having just taken a Vicodin for the tooth ache that simply will not go away.

(Regular readers know I’ve had not the best week with a tooth ache that wouldn’t quit and since it was a long holiday weekend my dentist’s office was closed. So I was medicating as best I could LOL.)

Hubby Michael comes in and asks “How are you??” As the pain meds are kicking in I stay positive and say “I’m ok.” I’m not really, but I’m going for the “think positive” thing here.

He repeats, “No, how ARE you? We just got invited to an impromptu Memorial Day BBQ at Mariah Carey’s house. Olivia Newton-John and Tyson Beckford are going too. Can you make it?”

At this point I”m pretty sure my hearing is on the fritz, too, as I thought I heard him say we’re invited to Mariah Carey’s house for a party???

And yes, that is what happened.

Thankfully, Vicodin isn’t the strongest thing in the world.

You don’t pass up an invite like this. I get up, shower, put my best “casual chic/going to Mariah Carey’s house” kind of outfit and off we go.

I’d never met Mariah but she was a doll. She and Tyson are old friends; and she and Olivia have sung together before.

I had a great time, was uber-impressed with the gorgeous house she’s renting during her Vegas residency at Caesars Colosseum. Of course, like every party, we all congregated in the outdoor kitchen, chatting and eating burgers. You know, your every day “I’m at a party with international superstars each in their own right” kind of party.

Very cool way to end Tyson’s headlining gig with the Chippendales as he was selling out just about every night. Olivia is now back in town at the Flamingo Las Vegas as her residency resumes. And we’ll be seeing Mariah back at Caesars Colosseum in July.

When I wake up from my Vicodin induced sleep, I’m going to have the best dream to tell Michael.

Check the pics of shiny happy people below.

(L-R) Kristen Makhathini, Mariah Carey, Tyson Beckford, Olivia Newton-John & Michael Caprio
I was clearly doing a bar run for the group at this time 🙂

MIchael, Mariah, Olivia and me

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Reunited in Vegas! Love you Olivia Newton John!! #HopelesslyDevotedToYou
Posted by Mariah Carey on Monday, May 25, 2015