Matt Trewhella, Voice of Christian Youth America, mocks gay people as “filthy”

Voice of Christian Youth America host Matt Trewhella lashes out at gay people as “filthy” and gay-friendly straight people as “disgusting.”

Here’s the text of the clip:

“Your children would be getting perverted in their minds by these filthy people,” Trewhella claimed, before turning his venom to straight people who don’t condemn gays and lesbians: “I have no respect for people who are parents, who actually have children, and have no problem with homosexuality or homosexual marriage. They are the most base people on the planet to have totally abandoned every God-given vestige to protect your child from the filth of homosexuality, to blatantly go along with it is disgusting.”

“It’s disgusting to watch, it’s disgusting to see,” Trewhella said.

(via Right Wing Watch)