Marjorie Taylor Greene Can’t ‘Recall’ Anything It Seems

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene crashed and burned while testifying on her own behalf at a hearing to determine her eligibility to run for reelection. Greene repeatedly said she "couldn't recall" facts calling into question her mental state.

QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t ‘recall’ just about anything regarding the January 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol building per her testimony at a hearing which will determine if she will be allowed to be on the ballot for reelection.

Greene’s inability to remember hardly anything about anything may feed into questions whether she is mentally fit to hold office.

In this case, I think “I don’t recall” is just another way of Taylor saying “I refuse to be held accountable for my words/actions, but pleading the 5th might make me look bad.”

It’s important to note that there’s evidence to support all the things she couldn’t “recall.”

Greene’s appearance in a court was to determine if she violated a Civil War era provision that would disqualify her from running for re-election in Georgia due to her involvement in the failed January 6 insurrection.

Of course, this is the same person who was removed from all Congressional committee assignments due to her wild, conspiracy theory statements.