Madonna Teases Coming Out (?) + More News

Did Madonna just come out?
Madonna (screen capture via TikTok)

Some news items you might have missed:

The Advocate: Following a provocative video (image that!) posted on her TikTok account, folks were wondering if Madonna came out.


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LGBTQ Nation: Two volumes from the Heartstopper graphic novel series are among the LGBTQ books that got a local Michigan library defunded. One conservative activist called the books “destructive and wrong.”

Instinct Magazine: A young, gay Palestinian man was brutally murdered and beheaded after being threatened, stalked, and harassed for two years. Ahmad Hakam Hamdi Abu Marhia, 25, had plans to seek asylum in Canada at the time of his killing.

Axios: Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez has resigned from her position after she and two other council members were recorded making racist remarks. Martinez referred to a white council member’s child, who is Black, as “ese changuito,” or that little monkey.

The Frontier: Five of Oklahoma’s largest tribes will publicly endorse Democrat Joy Hofmeister for governor at a press conference on Tuesday. The endorsement will mark the first time the state’s five largest tribes have coordinated a collective endorsement of a gubernatorial candidate. The latest polling shows Hofmeister leading GOP Gov. Stitt by 4 points.

New York Times: Dozens of Russian missile strikes slammed into civilian areas in Ukraine during the morning commute and crippled energy facilities as winter approaches. Russian President Putin said in a televised address that the strikes were in response to a blast that hit a key Russian bridge over the weekend.