Madison Cawthorn (Of All People) Attempts To Call Someone Out For Lying?

When one launches their political career based on a biography that’s been proven to be full of lies, one would be prudent to not throw stones from within that proverbial glass house.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) thought he would kick some shit up on Twitter this week when he tweeted, “What’s the biggest lie a politician has ever told?”

The 25-year-old continued with his own response, “Biden said that the $3.5 TRILLION spending bill will cost zero dollars.”

Mind you, the spending bill Cawthorn is referencing hasn’t been fully written or voted on yet.

That said, Cawthorn, of all people, steps in some pretty treacherous waters here when you consider he told some whoppers himself during his congressional campaign last year.

According to Cawthorn, he had been accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy before the 2014 car accident that left him partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

In a 2017 speech, he spoke of how a close friend had crashed the car in which he was a passenger and fled the scene, leaving him to die “in a fiery tomb.” Cawthorn added he’d been “declared dead” at the scene of the accident.

He also recounted how he’d told doctors he expected to recover and  “be at the Naval Academy by Christmas.”

But a peek into Cawthorn’s claims by the Washington Post revealed his friend Bradley Ledford didn’t “leave him to die” in the burning car but actually pulled him from the wreckage. And he was never “declared dead.”

AND it was discovered that Cawthorn himself had declared in a lawsuit deposition that he’d been rejected by the Naval Academy before the crash.

Read the full article regarding Cawthorn’s other rewrites of his history and his flimsy relationship with the truth here.

As for the Twitterverse, folks had a field day responding to his little missive: