After Losing Primary, Madison Cawthorn Has No Money To Refund Donors

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) reportedly spent general election campaign donations during his primary, which he lost. Now he's on the hook for hundreds of thousands in refunds to those donors.
Freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC)

Just in case you needed any more proof what a grifter Madison Cawthorn is, The Daily Beast reports the soon-to-be-unseated congressman spent general election campaign donations during his primary – that he lost.

He is legally required to return the general election funds to donors except he spent it all.

From The Daily Beast:

“Nobody ever did the math, which baffled me because the spending was so outrageous,” the campaign source told The Daily Beast.

This person pointed to a spree of frivolous charges over the last year that all accelerated into 2022, such as $1,500 in “egregiously” frequent trips to Chick-Fil-A, almost $3,000 at a place called Papa’s Beer, three separate charges at a high-end cigar shop, $21,000 for lodging in Florida and—the biggest drain—hundreds of thousands of dollars in sky-high consulting and fundraising fees, including for Cawthorn’s friend and campaign manager, Blake Harp, who was drawing a salary beyond federal limits.

Federal election laws allow candidates to raise money for the primary and the general election at the same time. But candidates can’t spend the general election funds unless they win the primary, first. If you don’t win, you have to repay those donors.

Read the full report here. And by the way, sometimes a cigar isn’t just a cigar if you know what I mean…


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