The Los Angeles Beat: Rona Newton-John

Donna Lethal, who writes for The Los Angeles Beat, recently wrote about one of my favorite people – Rona Newton-John.  

I adore Rona, and I love that the first thing she mentions is her sense of honesty, which is really right at the top of what makes Rona so fab.

Make sure you check out Rona’s new Blog – Out There with Rona – on Tumblr

I wanted to share just a bit of the article.  Go to The Los Angeles Beat to read the whole piece. 

The Los Angeles Beat: Rona Newton-John

10 Things (more or less)  that make Rona…Rona

Truth is the most important thing to me… simply telling the truth. Being honest, hopefully without hurting feelings. My sister jokingly says I need an edit button, (and occasionally she’s right,) but she also knows I’ll always tell her and everyone I really care about how (I feel) it is. I expect the same in return.

I started ballet class at five years old, so exercise has always been a very important part of my life. Almost everyday for the last ten years I have hiked the trails from Fryman Canyon in Studio City up into the hills. I prefer to go alone, because it’s my solitary time to think, to feel grateful for my life, and feel one with nature.

I was a successful model very young, and I worked a lot as an actress. I was very lucky. Work came to me…I really didn’t have the drive or ambition to go after it. However, twenty-five years ago I found what I really love to do… I love to write. I’ve recently finished my memoir …and I’m about to start my own blog.  It’s going to called ‘Out there with Rona’.

Last but far from least. Motorcycles. I was introduced to the incredible beauty of Northern California, Oregon and Washington State from the back of my ex-boyfriends motorcycle. To me there is nothing more exciting or exhilarating than riding through the changing temperatures of the country-side breathing in nature; wild sage by the roadside, pine trees on high mountain roads, or salty air from the waves crashing on beaches far below. Then nights spent in quaint motels in small towns in the middle of nowhere, playing pool in smoky bars, having dinner in a diner or talking to the colorful locals.

I miss it.