Linda Harvey: Gays deserve to be fired

Right Wing Watch shares a rant by Mission America’s Linda Harvey who says gays deserve to be fired for not following the moral standards of, well, someone else…

Shouldn’t an employer have the right to uphold high moral standards in his or her company? Or shouldn’t schools have the right to not have open homosexuals or cross-dresses modeling that lifestyle to kids?

This does not deprive anyone of a job by the way, except those who insist on displaying these lifestyles to everyone and forcing their acceptance. Such behavior shows a disrespect for two things: everyone else around them and for hardcore facts.

The fact is that no one needs to be involved in homosexuality and all of the good qualities a person may have that might make that person otherwise an excellent employee don’t require a homosexual lifestyle.

Now the activists won’t like this and I may get another slew of hateful emails and such from the tolerance crowd but really where is the actual concern for the rights and beliefs of others? The track record on these so-called non-discrimination regulations shows a consistent and disturbing pattern of bullying and abuse.

One of many problems with Linda Harvey’s “opinion” is that she references high moral standards’ but doesn’t fully articulate that it’s HER ‘moral standards’ that she expects to be followed.

Her philosophy seems to be “you can’t be fired for your religion – which you choose, but you can be fired for your sexual orientation – which you do not choose.”

And then there’s an ugly message of conformity here, worrying that gays or lesbians may dress or act in a way SHE isn’t comfortable.

What Ms. Harvey needs to realize is ‘different’ is not a dirty word; diversity is good.

Especially if it means we all don’t emulate her.