Life a little better on the cheap…

Life a little better on the cheap…

So, my five year old laptop has been having some “panic attacks” a lot over the last 4-5 months.  And I did NOT have the funds to buy the new MacBook Pro laptop I would like to have…

So doing a little research I found that a lot of these “attacks” – called “kernal panics” – can happen when a hard drive gets to be a certain age and begin the process of dying.  Eek!  Not good.

That, coupled with the fact I had no room left on my tiny 160GB hard drive, led me to send in my laptop to to upgrade the hard drive to 500GB for an affordable $249.  Free shipping each way.

After a week of jockeying between Michael and his associate John’s computers to keep the blog going, I got my laptop back and it’s great. not only did the upgrade, but they did a full diagnostic and transferred all my files to the new hard drive and sent back my old hard drive for my files.

Now, no kernal panics – “spinning beach balls” – and I have a lot more room on the hard drive.  Nice fix to get me through a year or so when, I hope, to afford the new MacBook Pro.

Just saying… sometimes the smaller answers can work.

If you have issues with your Mac, make sure you check out – big thumbs up!

(And no – I received nothing for my review of their services.  I paid like everyone else.  Just putting the good word out there…)